Discovering My True Self Made Me An Entrepreneur

Discovering My True Self Made Me An Entrepreneur

Let’s welcome Jennifer, a truly inspiring Entrepreneur. From clearing her subconscious limiting beliefs to discovering her true self. This is Jennifer’s Entrepreneurial Story.

Accessible Living in Hong Kong

Kissing Transportation Rehabilitation Service

60-year-old retired serial entrepreneur Betty Liu started up a Rehabilitation Transport Business after her father was left paralysed after a stroke

How Diversity and Inclusion Can Help A Business Flourish

Fresh & Fearless: Diversity and Inclusion

Madhat Girls x Fresh & Fearless. How can Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace promote business growth and success? What is their importance?

How Networking As A Print Studio Formed Our Community

How Setting Up A Print Studio Gave Me A Sense Of Community

Here we introduce Caitlin Parks, a wonderful printmaker based in London. She tells her story on how a community is created through her studio and practice.

The Beginning of My Self-Employment Adventure

Beginning Of My Self Employment

Let’s dive into a personal account by Silje, a freelance illustrator. She uncovers her life story so far on her journey towards self-employment. The good, the bad and the ugly.

What Is It Like To Be a CEO & Co-Founder of A Creative Business?

CEO and Co-Founder of Small Business

Let’s discover Serena’s story about how she became a CEO and Co-Founder of MoCDA. A business she started with her fellow creatives. 🎧