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Cashmere Sleeveless Waistcoat Vest with Embroidered Bear 6

Our Story

I was always into fashion growing up.  I think I just enjoyed the hunt for something cheap but also stylish in the sales. It was like a mission and an addiction. I ended up with over 3 wardrobes, my room was a constant mess of piles and piles of clothes and the wash basket was always overflowing. It was stressful. I was happy when I was buying but I spent a lot of time stressing over how to manage the excessive amounts of clothing, choosing what to wear next. The fact is you can only wear 1 outfit a day so a lot of my clothes ended up at the back of the closet.

Then one day I decided to quit my job and go traveling with just a 50ltr rucksack on my back. I had about 10 pieces of clothing which went through sun and rain and survived. 

I had the best times of my life, I didn’t think about fashion I was more focused on living my best life and wearing items that were versatile but practical. 

After I came back I spent 5 years reducing my wardrobe from over 500+ pieces down to 40 and I have never looked back.

I realised that you can have versatile, practical clothes which are are also stylish. That’s when I discovered The Capsule Wardrobe concept. Every single item I have I have Mary Kondo’d it up (held it in my hand and wait for that joy to spark).

Because I have less I ensure they are good quality and beautiful.  Now with less I cherish and take care of it more – so here I am steaming my clothes and trying to share with the world beautiful items I have found all over the world. 

Size Guidelines

All sizes are Asian sizes so please check measurements and disregard sizes. Most of the time it is 2 sizes up from US/EU sizes.

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