About Us

About us

What We Do

We offer premium WordPress Website training in London for non-techies for a fraction of the price and time.

Since 2019 we’ve been experimenting to find the simplest way to create a website with advanced features for absolute beginners.

We trialled webinars to test the waters and after sieving through your feedback, we’re back with workshops built on your requirements.
Learn how to Guerilla D,I.Y your own exceptional website from scratch without having to code.

Digital Inclusion

Why We Do it

Improved education, better employment opportunities, improved health and wellbeing, increase awareness of the world are just bonuses that can come with digital skills but the best thing of all is the connectivity.

Our vision is a world where you control your digital destiny.

Our mission is to teach beginners the technical tools needed to run an online business.

You will find comfort in the community, enrichment from continuous learning and the skills to create a digital space of your own to explore the online world as you see fit. These are all yours to keep forever.

Digital inclusion is the ability to use the internet to do things that benefit your day-to-day. We believe that learning how to build a website can help digital inclusion. Without websites… would there be the internet? Most people don’t know where to start and that’s where we want to help.

Start your journey today by learning how to create a website, start a business and build your path in a digital future.

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Behind the scenes

About Becky

I grew up in a single parent household on a council estate in South East London. My mother worked 3 jobs so I was often left home alone and being an only child the internet gave me a sanctuary and connectivity to people all over the world and that’s where I discovered blogging.
Journalling helped me release overwhelming emotions and cope with depression and low self-esteem. I wasn’t always interested in building websites but I was interested in writing my thoughts, connecting with other bloggers and improving the quality of my website which naturally pushed me to learn more and more.

Since then I have forged a career as a Web Designer, spent time volunteer teaching computer skills to retired refugees, held workshops and events to promote skills for women and worked on ways to share the benefits of computer skills. The internet has helped me in so many ways and I really hope to share the benefits and the love with anyone willing to learn.