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Let’s Exercise Our Minds And Get Doodling With The Anxiety Journal

Let's Exercise Our Minds & Get Doodling With Anxiety Journal

What Is Anxiety?

Will an anxiety journal help? 1 in 10 of us will have anxiety disorder in the UK, which is roughly 8 million people! Anxiety is a form of common mental health disorder and is one of the main contributors to mental health and disability in the UK. The biggest contributor to anxiety is stress.

Stress can come in different intensities and can come from different causes. Causes such as work-related, finance, personal life, etc.

Anxiety is the feeling of worry or fear and feeling on uneasiness. Anxiety can be triggered by many things, as mentioned before, therefore majority of people do experience anxiety one way or another.

Symptoms can vary, such as panic attacks, shortness of breath, clammy hands, sensitive skin, insomnia, lack of sleep, etc.

However, anxiety can come in more extreme disorders such as:

These disorders are known as General Anxiety Disorder or GAD for short.

What Is This Book/Journal?

In this month’s book recommendation, we have ” The Anxiety Journal” by Corinne Sweet. The first page immediately gives you a tick box list of anxiety symptoms, in some way, it makes you feel reassured.

So, what makes this book a good recommendation? So, not only is it a delightful read (ironically), it gives you sweet illustrations and pages to doodle for yourself!

Practical, supportive and uplifting, this journal is an indispensable companion on your journey to a peaceful mind

The Anxiety Journal, Corrine Sweet, Boxtree, 2017

The book includes quotes, facts, fun and all the quirks. Because it has such a lovely charm, the book really helps explain and exercise your mind about anxiety.

The book is set out in a way that can help discover ways in eliminating your anxiety through useful tips and short exercises.

As this book is set out as a journal, it is not just facts and figures. Because, the last thing we want are just letters and words sprawled out on a page; this journal is interactive and engaging.

Corinne details the different treatments of Anxiety, causes of Anxiety and relatable context of Anxiety. It explores multiple avenues and makes the journal personable and catering to array of readers.

Great resources to help sooth and calmly fix anxiety

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