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Are You Willing To Take The Next Step? Take The Big Leap!

take the big leap!

In this month’s book recommendation, we dive into “The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level” by Gay Hendricks. With countless top reviews and read by many; what’s so good about this book?

The first thing that struck me was Hendricks questions. It made me contemplate the Yings and Yangs of life, such as dealing with positive and negative energy or harmony and intimacy. This book covers the boundaries of one-self, by explaining how to overcome the demons that are in the way of you progressing forward.

Hendricks Questions:

"How can I extend the periods of contentment in my life?

If I can eliminate the behaviours that stop the flow of positive energy, can I learn how to feel great all the time?

Can I allow things to go well in my life all the time? In relationships, can I live in harmony and intimacy all the time?

Can our species live in expanding waves of peace and prosperity, free from the pattern of messing things up when they are going well?" 

 - Gay Hendricks

This book mainly focuses on asking these questions, they might seem quite vague or even a bit silly; however, they are questions that we often ask ourselves. Generally, in our global civilisation, we have always come across peace between humankind. However, we always face devastation and war.

There always seems to be a conflict, so are we able to overcome this conflict and just aim for peace and prosperity?

Whenever we make big decisions in our lives, whether it be a career change or moving to another city; there’s always doubts and uncertainty. We want to be able to succeed and do well.

Hendricks points interesting key factors within his book that can help guide an individual to take that big leap. He mentions quite early on about the Upper Limit Problem and this is the only problem we human face.

He says we need to understand how to control it because being on a high (i.e. being successful, happy) can eventually go down to a low. Throughout the book, he discusses this theory in more detail.

Another big focus is on false belief and own sabotage. This meaning that we are fundamentally flawed in some way or another. There are 3 types of false belief that most of us will encounter:

  • Succeeding; this is leaving other behind and being disloyal.
  • Being a burden to the world: By sabotaging our own success so we won’t be a bigger burden.
  • We must not dim the bright lights of our brilliance: meaning we won’t outshine someone from our past.

What we ideally want is to have love, money and creativity to be in harmony with each other. But it’s recognising our false beliefs and able to obtain our upper limit problem too. Hendricks also touches upon Zone of Genius, which is what we strive towards to create that harmony.

With all these elements, this will enable you to move forward and create success. The book breaks down the content in very readable and digestible chunks, which makes for easy reading. If you feel that life is at a pause and you are ready to click play or even ready to embark on a new chapter in your life; have a little read of this book.

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