5 Quick Tips to Figure Out Your Career Goals

Passion Led Us Here
Passion Led Us Here

Is your career stagnating? Not sure if it’s what you want to do anymore? Have you explored other options? Don’t know what those options are? Suddenly, you find yourself getting to a point where you start to feel like time is running out and you need to secure your path right now or it’s too late to start again. You stare out the window of your office block imagining an alternative life; travelling, a new career, what’s for dinner.

The only thing that you can start doing today is to understand where these feelings are coming from. By providing you with some guidance on how to focus inwardly will help you understand what you truly want out of life. Life coach Kat shares her advice on those stuck at this stage in their lives.

We spend around a third of our lives at work. Therefore, we should do our best to make sure it’s a positive use of that time. Many of us fall into a job when we leave education and only start questioning the career path we’re on several years later which can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed and wondering how to switch tracks. The first step is to start being 100% honest with yourself about what you really need from your work – and your life.

Tip 1. Start by listing out what you actually like about your current job or work situation.

Get out a piece of paper to write or type out 5 bullet points on what you enjoy and appreciate about your job right now.

Tip 2. What keeps you there?

What are the things stopping you from moving on and holding you back? Is it your friends? The perks? The flexible hours? Go ahead and write those down too.

Tip 3. What did you appreciate about your previous job or the one before that?

You might include things like financial security, a supportive boss or a short commute. Next: consider what’s missing.

Tip 4. What would you really like to have in your job that you don’t have right now?

Think about all the times you wished that one thing would change in your job and then everything would be alright. What do you wish you can change about or have in your current job?

Tip 5. Ask yourself: are other people’s opinions influencing your own?

Consider each step fully and decide just how important it is for you. Making yourself aware of your core values is essential for you to find satisfaction and fulfilment in your career, and your life so it’s vital to take stock of your wants and needs early on.

We can all feel stuck at points in our lives. It’s important to focus on moving into a growth mindset. Finding the right coach can be life-changing. Jennifer and Kat provide courses that empower individuals and encourage them to take responsibility of their own lives no matter what age or stage of life they’re at.

Finding the right life coach can help give that little guidance and direction you need to transform your life into one that you love. It just takes that first step.

Kat Atherton coaches thirty-something professionals who are eager for a career change but have little or no idea what they want to do. Through a tried and tested framework, she helps them to gain clarity on their ideal career and support them in creating an action plan to help them make it a reality. Find out more on her website or contact her directly.


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