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Is It Too Risky To Change To Self-Employment Whilst In A Lock Down?

self-employment in lockdown

Is it too risky to change to self-employment whilst in a lock down? Right now, the world is a scary place, with the global pandemic afoot and many jobs risking uncertainty. However, this is also where time has become accessible and now more valuable than ever.

Being indoors can now allow time to really think and reflect on what made you want to change to self-employment in the first place.

We are blessed with technology and have the wonderful resources that are online already available to really help answer the question of, “Am I making the right decision?” or “Should I give it a go?”

In this blog post, it will detail a list of online resources that are readily available to provide the support and guidance you need to secure your decision. Even though the lock down is uncertain and at the end of this you still come out unsure, at least you had the confidence to take that step forward towards your next life goal. 

Here are 7 things that can be useful:

Let’s move it online!

As mentioned before, the internet is the perfect way to start your research and spoilt for choices in terms of webinars, events, courses, etc!

The resources I have chosen are three FREE webinars by General Assembly (a huge variety of webinars to choose from!). 

  1. Changing careers from the comfort of home
  2. Succeeding as a freelancer –  finding opportunities in difficult times
  3. How to tastefully promote yourself during a pandemic


Another great site that I have previously mentioned is Leapers. They have a fantastic range of resources to offer guides for freelancers going through mental health issues and offer a platform where you can create and share a community in a time of need. Next month, we shall look further into mental health as a self-employer. 

Another great site is The Work Crowd – take a look!

Sometimes it’s okay to be realistic

Right now, times are difficult, so it is completely acceptable to think realistically and sensibly. Even though taking that risk to move to self-employment is a great initiative, homework is KEY. Financial worries is the biggest factor, switching from full time to self employment can knock you down. So think reasonably.

From previous experiences and hearing from others, make sure you have enough income whilst making the transition. Whether that be working part-time whilst focusing on your freelancing, making sure you have enough funds to support yourself.

Being organised is super important, this allows you to plan accordingly and see what steps you need to take in order to succeed. 

Freelance Essentials Things to Know Before Quitting Your 9-5 Job.


Even though there is physical distancing, does not mean we cannot be social through our community and online. Opening up to your community and creating relationships is a fantastic way to gain opportunities and gain recognition. It is the same for most jobs to have a good network and self-employment is no different. Research online to see what projects or events or talk sessions that help benefit you. Try social media such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn by joining groups. Use video chat to communicate such as Zoom or Skype. 

Where do you stand financially?

I recently read a wonderful article on The Telegraph and it really helps break down the worry that freelancers might face during a crisis like we are right now.  Please also check out our previous blog posts!

Try something different

Basically means try a new hobby!! Do more exercise, make that banana loaf (like everyone seems to be doing!) or start on that book you always wanted to write! Whatever it is, take the time to explore new things, it not only improves your well being but also expands your horizons and possibly learn skills that could be relevant to your career transition!

Keep going!

Lastly, you can do it! Persevere and you will achieve what you set out to do. It is sometimes good to remember that change is good, whatever the outcome may be, because it shows increased confidence and the ability to be brave. 

I would highly recommend giving this webinar a go:

Aint nothing gonna break my stride during isolation

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