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Is Freelancing the Way Forward?

Hello Kitty Working

This past couple of weeks here in the UK have been some very turbulent times with the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) outbreak. Uncertainty, panic buying for loo roll and pasta, trying to understand what counts as one form of daily exercise and trying to keep sane whilst being indoors. However, positivity has shed some light as well… air pollution has seen a significant drop since everyone is self-isolating and people get to spend time doing their hobbies such as becoming a painter, pro gamer or even learning how to weave baskets. 

Freelancing during the CoronaVirus outbreak

There are also people out there who are WFH (aka working from home) with many companies shutting their doors and encouraging social distancing by being at home. Working from home can mean very different things for each individual and everyone is in different situations.
Since the “lockdown” that took place on March 17th, there was a lot of uncertainty in the air with the biggest issue of pay and stability. 

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The UK government recently announced a scheme that pays 80% of wages for those who are not working during the coronavirus outbreak. And even more recently, they have allowed this to self-employed and freelance workers up to a monthly cap of £2,500.

Here are some guidelines and suggestions for those who are currently self-employed or anyone who is thinking of transitioning to becoming a freelancer. A freelancer can mean being self-employed or working for an organisation.

Changing Careers

Changing career paths is definitely a daunting experience and a terrifying aspect in one’s life. Leaving a job you know that is stable, well paid and respected to going into a job that you know you will love but includes fear, self-doubt and uncertainty. In your lifetime, an individual is likely to change careers 5-7 times and it’s a thought that every person has had – so you are not alone.

Can I be a Freelancer?

Here are some awesome checklists on how to approach freelancing and insightful tips on succeeding as a freelancer. Take this list and see if you can achieve any of these! If so, this is a great motivational push you might need!

  1. 3 Must-dos before you take that leap.
  2. Prepping for the Highs and Lows of freelancing
  3. Check your finances.
  4. Have a fulltime job? How to start working towards that transition now.

There are tonnes of great sites out there to explore!

Your mental wellbeing

How You Doing? is a wonderful resource for anyone who is freelancing and focuses on your own well-being and mental health. It offers a variety of online resources for you and also the ability to connect and form relationships with other freelancers out there. Give it a go!

Real Stories

Read some great examples of successful freelancers and influencers who share their stories on their journey to where they are today.

Gain knowledge

Futurelearn is a fantastic website for learning with free courses! Take up entrepreneurship courses or business. Or perhaps want to fine-tune your speciality such as game development or screenwriting.  Take a look for yourself!


Depending on your speciality do some research into your competitors and similar businesses. Take a look on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and especially LinkedIn! Seeing how other successful freelancers can not only give you that confidence boost but also resourceful in how you approach the transition. Other sites such as Etsy or Pinterest are helpful too for creatives out there!

Be confident, tactful and organised

Hello Kitty and Gudetama agree….. okay, maybe not Gudetama…..

As mentioned before, these are just tips and guidance from our own research and hope that they can help motivate and inspire!

Check out more blogs in the future!

By Anthea Wong

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