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How To Increase Your Self-Awareness


What is Self-Awareness?

There can be multiple ways of defining self-awareness, whether that be honing into your true self or having the ability to focus on yourself and understanding your emotions. There are key areas within Self Awareness that are to be considered, in which can alter your behaviour:

  • Emotions
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Habits
  • Physical
  • Needs

Self-Awareness is all about how you are being conscious on your own character and feelings, in return this will reflect on allowing you to understand people, how they perceive you and how it can alter your attitude and response to them.

As you develop your self-awareness, you are able to make changes and interpretations within your mind that allows you to change your emotional assets. Self awareness is the first stepping stone into discovering and creating what you want in life. It can be be put into 3 assessments; Basic, Medium and High.

The Art of Talking To Yourself: Self-Awareness Meets the Inner Conversation
by Vironika Tugaleva

High Self-Awareness is usually an indication of someone who is in a relaxed state, whereas once you become stressed, this can decrease to Medium or Basic. So, by indicating your awareness to your self whether that be through your emotions or behaviour, this can increase your self awareness and better self.

Self-Awareness in Career Change

Now, you’re probably wondering how this is relevant to perhaps in a career changing scenario? Or perhaps going self-employed? Self-awareness can play a major factor in this, as sometimes our rational side tends to overtake our true self. By thinking, we have to strive towards what is sensible, comfortable and practical.

Self Awareness is the ability to be aware of your environment, body and lifestyle. Noticing a shift in your life, such as wanting to change to a new job is self awareness in a way.

Self-awareness also plays a part in success as well because if you self believe, there is a chance of success. This will cause you quickly attribute to your own efforts. However, if you are self aware but have little belief, you will tend to have been influenced by external factors contributing to the outcome of your “success“.

Our level of self-awareness interacts with the likelihood of success in realigning ourselves and our standards to determine how we think about the outcome.

 Courtney E. Ackerman, MSc. Positive Psychology

How To Increase Self-Awareness

Tapping into your inner self and having self-awareness is the first way of recognising change. This will then follow by how you can increase your self-awareness by change of behaviour. In this video, Tasha Eurich explains how you can increase self-awareness and how simple it can be. So, having these incredible online resources, such as TEDx Talks can be valuable tools for a better self and self-discovery.

Tasha Eurich, Increase Your Self-Awareness With One Simple Fix, TEDxMileHigh November 2017

Helpful Resources

So, in summary, recognition of one self’s higher good can able you to have self-awareness. In addition, because there are different elements that can contribute to self-awareness attributes, try not to overwhelm yourself with focusing on multiple elements. Focus on one at a time and this can help increase your self-awareness in return.

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