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Four Types of Small Business Female Entrepreneurs

Marie Curie

There is nothing more invigorating than asking google who you are. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been the culprit of this. Very often asking things like “Google, Who Am I?” as though I couldn’t answer those questions myself.

I don’t know what I’m expecting? Perhaps, a wise woman with long white hair sitting at a top of the mountain to tell me “You are you!”.

Wise women, aside we thought it would be fun typecast women into 4 main categories of female entrepreneurs. What’s more, fun than stereotyping?

Here are our top 4 most popular female entrepreneur types which we’d love to share with you guys.

Which one can you relate with? Find out in our quiz at the end.

The Philanthropreneur

The philanthropreneur thrives to make the world a better place and is determined to do whatever it takes. She understands the concept of social-economic and environmental impact and the benefits of it. If she intertwines that with her business mind, creativity and burning desire to help the world she has the ability to cultivate something magical that will benefit the lives of many.

The Hustler

The hustler is an enthusiastic go-getter who is determined to succeed. She’s decided to rebel against the system and take control of her life and what better way than to focus on what she loves doing best. She is strong, ambitious and fiercely creative and this makes her ready to build her own empire for the freedom and financial independence it entails. She wishes very much to own her own time and to do her own thing but first, she knows how important it is to knuckle down to get to where she wants to be and she is definitely not afraid to get that elbow grease out.

The Innovator

The innovator thinks outside the box. In fact. As a true visionary, she is known for her innovative thinking, creativity and ultimate devotion to her unique and bursting world filled with amazing ideas. She sees what others cannot see. Having the bigger picture fuels her desire and motivation to make those daily incremental steps towards her vision. She has a goal and knows what she needs to do to get there. She also knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day. She takes one small step and one giant leap for womankind.

The Strategist

You are detail orientated person and so you have done your homework and are constantly on a mission to keep building on that knowledge. You take your time to research and gather all the data and facts before you dive into making any decisions which means you make the most concrete choices with less chance of failure.  You know so much about modern businesses that you are able to view business in 360 degrees. Forget the Matrix you are the entrepreneurial version of Neo – you see all. You’re also fiercely independent and self-confident which makes you a great business mentor, teacher or coach that can guide others who need that bit of a nudge. Helping others using your knowledge and intelligence gives you a burst of energy which validates and motivates you to keep doing what you do. 

Which one do you relate with? Find out in our quiz!

As a budding Creative Entrepreneur, you create your own rules for success. Every single one of you has an amazing and unique set of skills and experiences to contribute to society with.  We've summarised our top 4 fav "stereotypes" to help you understand how your special talents can help the world.

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