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Creative Side Hustler and Female Empowerment

Robyn Ridley Illustrator

This week, we have the wonderfully, passionate side hustler Robyn Ridley with us. Robyn is an illustrator (on the side) but also works a full-time job, 9 to 5. Sometimes our survival skills can set in by making sure we have a safe blanket and security, such as money/income.

Robyn explains that it is okay to have a job where it doesn’t necessarily match with your passion. It’s okay to have a side-hustle alongside a full-time job.

Robyn has been an illustrator for 8 years and it’s wonderful to see the sparkle in her eyes have not faded. Her illustrations are topical; from body positivity to mental health to feminism.

She encourages inclusion and diversity within her works and tries to offer positive messages through her creation.

This podcast by Robyn shows a raw and personal account on her life journey showcasing her huge passion for illustration and also finding her place in this world. Whatever stage you are in your career, it is okay to have your passion for something else.


Robyn Ridley Podcast

Shares Her Love For Illustration
Discussing about Inclusion In This World
Explains About Body Positivity In Her Work
Shares Her Creativity
Discusses Creating Work Focusing On Mental Health
Shares Her Wisdom For Future Illustrators
Shares Her Future Plans

“Obviously my real passion is illustration but after getting my degree I had to be practical about things. I would love to be able to make a living solely off drawing but it’s not always a viable option and it certainly wasn’t for me. I needed money to live and to be able to fund my art projects so that’s where the 9 to 5 job comes into play for me.

The way that I balance both work and illustration is by splitting my days 50/50. I go to my job which I love, work my hardest and then come home and to unwind I draw. It helps me relax so it’s a no brainier really. And obviously when I have days off I can focus on my projects.

What makes it easier is being able to go home and switch off from my job. In the evening when I walk out that door, I’m an illustrator again, ready to go home and work on what I love.” – Robyn Ridley

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