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Issue#1: Journey To Freelance

This campaign was all about going from full-time to Freelance. It came at a totally wrong time during the Corona Virus pandemic. The fear amongst the rest of the world , who managed to evade this deadly virus, has rippled across many sectors, fields and types of employment. Ranging from freelance to contractors to full time; job loss was apparent in every sector and the struggles for individuals, small and even large businesses started to surface.

Each field and socioeconomic groups had their own struggles. Thankfully, the world has come together in unison to tackle the virus, the emotions and prepare for the aftermath of a potential recession.

We tried to gather as much content and resources to help soothe the emotions flying high during this time to help that those affected and also those stuck in unfulfilling jobs unable to escape. Sorry, we can’t offer much more but we hope that you all stay safe and healthy.

Love x

Anthea & Becky

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All sizes are Asian sizes so please check measurements and disregard sizes. Most of the time it is 2 sizes up from US/EU sizes.

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