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Our one mission is to help you launch your business idea into reality.


Ever wanted to work on your terms?

Live a life you love?

So do we… and the work we want to do is to share our tech skills.

We teach you how to use the basic tech tools needed to expand your skill set so you can set up your business, as one person, without even leaving your “mum’s” bedroom.

What are you waiting for?!?! Join in on the fun!

Who Are Madhat Girls?

Hey I’m Becky and I run Madhat Girls. It was initially started out as a directory for female entrepreneurs, then it became a blog about mental health, work and entrepreneurship.

We were just a couple of girls from London who was having a hard time going through a breakup, job loss and in general isolation during the beginning of Covid Pandemic and so we started blogging about topics that we were passionate about in hope that could also help others. Helping others helped us get through a rough time and I hope more people in the future can get involved as I’m still figuring out what the hell Madhat Girls is.

What does Madhat mean?

MAD is an abbreviation that stands for Marketing and Design which has always been a love of mine and my career. I’ve been a Designer for Marketing for the past 8 years which has taught me so many amazing tricks, tips and tools of the trade to use which I really want to share. You DON’T need University grade design skills and you DON’T need a Masters in Marketing to do the guerilla marketing we’ve seen out there. Anyone can do it even my mum!

HAT stands for wearing many hats. It is also a play on the words Whitehat/Blackhat SEO which is a marketing term and

Blogging has also helped us get through our mental health problems which we t

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