Learn The Techniques to Start Your Own Business

We’re ready to share our secrets. Join us on this fun journey to build your digital empire in 2020.

Build your ideas to reality

The future is digital. So learning the tools to run an online business is the key to your brand’s success.

It all starts with your website.

Madhat Academy is a community + eLearning platform built into one.

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🎓 Learn Smart

Each course is well researched, hands on and self-paced so you can spend less time researching how to do things yourself and more time creating fun things!

🌎 Explore Creativity

Have fun learning all the secret tools, tips and hack methods to understand your audience and generate more traffic to your websites to get your services seen.

🎨 Create Your World

Build your digital empire step-by-step. Translate your brand into the digital sphere to explore your creativity and create a world that you love.

What will this Academy offer?

You will learn...

  • Ins & outs of WordPress
  • Creative hacks to make your visual content look good without knowing how to design
  • How to find your own voice through blogging
  • Find your audience in fun ways
  • Tools and methods to run your whole business with minimal finances

Perfect for...

  • Students
  • Creatives
  • Bloggers
  • Online Sellers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Service providers
  • Creative hustlers who want to hustle alongside a job

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

As a creative entrepreneur, starting out alone is hard but very exciting. You must be creative, wear many hats, juggle multiple projects and be a lifelong learner but contrary to popular belief you don’t need to be an expert to run a business.

Our Academy gives you best tips, hacks and tools that will slash your setting up time  in half. If you enjoy the process of developing an idea our Academy is there to help you bring it to life.

How we deliver our content

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Launch Course

Build A Website in 7 Days
Learn how to build an online magazine

We live in the age of Google-ing. So your website will most likely be the first point of contact. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you how important having an online presence is and how crucial a website is in marketing your services. They also costs hundreds and thousands of pounds to build. Learn the skills to set up a blog to use the power of storytelling to tell world about who you are and drives your business.

Custom Websites Usually Cost Over $2000

Academy Membership

We’ve built a community with lots of fun conversations, competitions and discounts off our courses. As we learn more about what you need to run your biz – we’ll be able to build educational programs around you.

Download our Membership pack to find out more about what you can gain from joining.

Membership Application Dates

July 30 – August 7, 2020

30 Spaces

January 30 – February 7, 2021

30 Spaces

July 30 – August 7, 2021

30 Spaces

Set up your side hustle in Just 7 Days

Big dreams have small beginnings and you can launch yours by learning how to design and build a fully fledged professional website which is the core of all online businesses. Learn how to create a website like this one in just 7 days in our launching course. 

You Bring the Creative Ideas & We'll Curate Your Path

As a fellow creative I know it can be overwhelming to know which tool to use, who to listen to, what advice to take.

That’s why I’ve created this fun-packed Academy filled with the knowledge that I’ve honestly spent YEARS of my life building and trialling stuff out and rolled it all into micro-courses. Now you don’t have to waste time strenuously learning crap shit for no reason.

I’ve loved building websites for years and I want to share the fun with more people through a course filled with WordPress top hacks and secrets to get you set up in no time.

Becky Liu Working Hard
$ 0
Blogging Course
  • Launch your website in 7 days
  • Self-paced & directed
  • Free wordpress hosting*
  • Digital skills for life
  • Review sessions on FB
  • You vote for what you want to learn
  • Build your business how you want
  • Cancel anytime
0 +
  • Affordable Monthly Course Drops
  • Live Q&A From Experts
  • Connect with other creatives

*Wordpress hosting is free for 1 year with the WordPress course with a Madhat Girls subdomain or your own domain.

Founders Launch
Up to 30% OFF!

Available only to our Founders Launch waiting list. Discount courses price of up to 30% off is limited to the first 5 people.

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Myth: You need to be able to code & design to create a unique professional website

Truth: This website was created in ONE DAY with no need of coding skills or Photoshop. And you can be taught how.

Your Tutor 👩‍🏫

Hi 👋, I’m Becky and I founded Madhat Girls with a mission to help women work towards a live a life they love. I’ve been a Designer for the past 7 years. I absolutely love what I do but I realised that office life was making me depressed. So, I quit my job and now I’m starting my journey to create products that bring the joy of WordPress into aspiring start-uppers. Join me on this exciting mission.

Me & Chiara in Sardinia

Frequently Asked Questions

After you complete 12 modules you will be as ready as can be. To reward you for sticking around with us you will have not only have gained new knowledge, a better mindset and a new set of skills but also 1 years free domain and web hosting to get you started. How amazing is that!

You will be able to use your own domain name and web hosting if you have this available. Your hosting must allow PHP/MYSQL or have WordPress installed. If you only have a domain name please contact us before you start your course so we can help you link it to our servers.

We have gift cards available please Tweet us to find out more.

Our Refer A Friend and Affiliate Program are the same. Refer any sales to us using your unique code and you will receive an attractive 30% commission rate for the first payment. This is paid out 60 days after clearing payment.  

Purchasing Individual Courses
We have no plans to  sell individual courses yet. All of our courses are only available on our subscription plan. If there is enough request then we may reconsider this so please let us know which one you are interested in and we will take note. 

Taking a Break
We understand you may need some time out, or check in with your finances so we offer 3 “pause strikes” where you payment and account is temporarily paused for a month with no access. 

Skipping a Module
Sorry in order to make the most out of our programme to get the best results it’s recommended you complete all modules. You are free to skip the modules in your own time but will still need to pay.

We offer a free workshop webinar to learn how to set up a simple website in 1 hour which will get you going. You must provide your own hosting. We do not offer any services, downloads or extra course material. It will purely be on the platform. We are confident you will enjoy the course and will see how much our membership has to offer.

Having a ‘buddy’ to be accountable for and to account for you can be motivating. That’s why we offer Friendship discount if you and a BFFL purchase it together or for yourselves. Both of you must purchase your course already and send an email saying “Hook me and [friends email] up with 20% off” an we will refund you both 20% off your first payment.

If you are enrolled in the monthly subscription plan you are able to cancel at any point. You must give us 7 days noticed before the next month otherwise we are unable terminate your membership for the proceeding month. If you are enrolled in the yearly plan the same applies but you will be refunded only 80% of the remaining costs due to the discounted value of yearly subscription. You will be charged £18 for your domain will and your hosting will also be instantly terminated with all your files.

Accordion Content

Please understand this course is an introductory course to all the skills, tools and methods you can use to build out your side-hustle. Each case is different and therefore it’s up to you to put in the time, creativity and your own knowledge to continuously work hard, learning and applying and trying everything out. There is no one size fits all. No course can guarantee a pay-check our Academy definitely equips you with enough knowledge to generate income as these skills have done for me but we do not guarantee it.